Hey Charger takes out Upper Harbour Championship


Hey Charger takes out 12ft Skiff Upper Harbour Championship

The 12ft Skiffs lined up for the first Interclub of the season on Saturday with a healthy fleet of 20 facing the starters. The Hey Charger crew of Ben Austin and Oscar Wilsons won the 12ft Skiff Parramatta River Championship in tricky 10 – 15 knots South Easterly conditions. Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club hosted event.

The majority of the fleet chose 3rd sails with a fresh forecast. A select few The Bird (Jamie McCrudden/ Glenn Farquar), Chapman High Performance Sailing (Jack Winning/ Brett Phillips) and Hey Charger (Ben Austin & Oscar Wilson) made a great call for the conditions and plugged in the 2nd rig.

The Arrogant Frog (Peter Hill/ Steven Hill) where quick to get away at the start, a little too quick for the starters earning a recall. The Sydney Sailmakers (Nicholas Press/ Andrew Hay) lead the fleet away to the first mark with new comers to the class Icarus (Andrew Chapman/ Will Chapman) in close company. The 2nd rigs soon stamped their authority on the race with Hey Charger, CHPS and The Bird all mastering the condition to be in the lead bunch coming out of the river.

The racing was fierce throughout the fleet with a couple of altercations as the fleet fought for a lane on the tight South Easterly course. Geotherm and CHPS fought all day with CHPS getting a nice run down the river to cement 4th place ahead of Geotherm. The lead was also hotly contested with Icarus, Sydney Sailmakers and Hey Charger all taking turns at the lead. The 3rd lap into Kerosene bay say Icarus drop off to leave the 2 skiffs to swap tacks all the way to the finish. With Hey Charger taking a well-deserved and hugely popular 1 second victory over Sydney Sailmakers.

Hey Charger took home the double picking up the Handicap Honours as well. With a few more skiffs yet to hit the water it is looking like a bumper season for the 12s with plenty a new faces and fast boats in the fleet. The Interclub series will continue at Abbotsford 12ft Skiff Club with the Parramatta River Championship on 5th November.

Check out a video from the start of the race on the LC12’SSC facebook page

Top Five Scratch Results:
1. Hey Charger (Ben Austin/ Oscar Wilson)
2. Sydney Sailmakers (Nicholas Press/Andrew Hay)
3. Icarus (Andrew Chapman/ Will Chapman)
4. Chapman High Performance Sailing (Jack Winning/ Brett Phillips)
5. Geotherm (Brett Hobson/ Jeremy Jones)

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2017-18 NSW 12ft Skiff Association Race Calendar

The upcoming sailing seasons calendar has been released. View it on the Racing Calendar page.

Dates Events Club
Saturday, 16 September 2017 Opening Day LC12’SSC
Saturday, 7 October 2017 Opening Day SFS
Saturday, 14 October 2017 Upper Harbour Championship LC12’SSC
Sunday, 5 November 2017 Parramatta River Championship A12’SC
Saturday, 25 November 2017 NSW State Titles SFS
Sunday, 26 November 2017 NSW State Titles SFS
Saturday, 2 December 2017 NSW State Titles LC12’SSC
Sunday, 3 December 2017 NSW State Titles LC12’SSC
6/01/2018 – 13/01/2018 Interdominons RAYC ‘Auckland’
Saturday, 10 February 2018 Abbotsford Sprint Series A12’SC
Sunday, 25 February 2018 Port Jackson SFS
30/03/2018 – 02/04/2018 Australian Titles B18’SC


Sydney Sailmaker winning streak continues with 12ft Skiff Port Jackson Championship


Sydney Sailmaker winning streak continues with 12ft Skiff Port Jackson Championship

Sydney Sailmakers (Nicholas Press and Andrew Hay) took a dominant victory in the 12ft Skiff Port Jackson Championship. The Sydney Flying Squadron hosted the championship in beautiful 3rd rig conditions.

Arrogant Frog (Peter Hill & Steven Hill) from Abbotsford 12ft Skiff sailing club won the start with a beautiful port hander. Geotherm (Brett Hobson & Billy Lusty) was the best of the rest leading the fleet the Bradleys head the first time.

After crossing tacks up the first work Sydney Sailmakers lead narrowly from Geotherm with Terms & Conditions (Brad Phillips & Tim Barraclough) roughing in 3rd. After manoeuvring through a tricky bear away Terms & Conditions hit the tide with the crew knocking the skipper clean off the skiff! Once upright the boys sailed a great race to work their way back into 3rd place.

Sydney Sailmakers extended the lead around Shark Island down to Clarke and on the long work up to the Beashel Bouy. Geotherm kept pushing all day breaking away to the Eastern side of the Harbour in an attempt to close the gap, but wasn’t able to reel the lead Skiff in.

The fight for 4th and 5th raged all day between The Bird (Jamie McCrudden & Glen Farquar) and Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple & Richard Jones). Jamie McCrudden showing great skills as a Rookie skipper to hold and the experienced campaigners aboard Lincoln Crowne for most of the race. The Bird final succumbed to the pressure down the final run but managed to come home equal first of Handicap for the day.

The final event for the year is the Australian Championships hosted by Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club. The event will be held over the Easter long weekend 14th April and is Sponsored by The Kitchen Maker with upwards of 30 Skiff expected to participate. To follow the 12s go to www.skiff.org.au or Facebook ‘Australian 12ft Skiffs’

Top five results:

  1. Sydney Sailmaker (Nicholas Press & Andrew Hay)
  2. Geotherm (Brett Hobson & Billy Lusty)
  3. Term & Condition (Brad Phillips & Tim Barraclough)
  4. Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple & Richard Jones)
  5. The Bird (Jamie McCrudden & Glen Farguar)

Photos from Vita Williams

Sydney Sailmakers ‘Press and Hay’ take out 12ft Skiff Sprint series

Sydney Sailmakers ‘Press and Hay’ take out 12ft Spring series

 The 12ft Skiff fleet turned out to compete for the 12ft Sprint Series Championship hosted by Abbotsford 12ft Flying Squadron, the first real hit out for most Skiffs since the Interdominion. The +35-degree day resembling the Brisbane rigging park with even a few XXXX’s drunk to really get the QLD vibe happening.

Big rigs were the order of the day as a light North Easter filtered down the Parramatta river, Geotherm (Brett Hobson/Bill Lusty) and Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple/Richard Jones) won the first start. The tight river course means plenty of close calls and tacks to the top mark. Geotherm held a narrow lead over Sydney Sailmakers (Nick Press and Andrew ‘Noddy’ Hay) with Lincoln Crowne in 3rd. Sydney Sailmakers gybed inside Geotherm at the top mark to grab the lead down the run and maintained the lead throughout the race.

Lincoln Crown and Geotherm locked into a battle for 2nd position for the rest of the race with Geotherm only re gaining the 2nd spot on the last tack to the finish. Bigfoot Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses (Murray Press/Macca Patton) held off a fast finishing Chapman High Performance Sailing (Jack Winning/Brett Phillips) for 4th place.

Race 2 go underway with the breeze having built slightly to make it a very comfortably big sail. Bigfoot and Havoc (Ben Faulkner/Renn Holland) got the best of the start racing toward the river club. Sydney Sailmakers fought hard with Geotherm up the first work to pull in the leading skiffs and lead around the top mark. Once the kites were set Sydney Sailmakers extended the lead as the fleet fought for the podium positions.

Havoc showing good speed with the big sails until a broken backstay ended the day early for them. Bigfoot Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, Geotherm and Lincoln Crowne crossed tacks and gybes entire way around the course. This time Lincoln Crowne coming out on top in the battle with Geotherm and showing excellent speed with their new big mainsail. Slippery When Wet (John Williams/ Zac Tatum) coming home in a solid 6th position is also showing good improvement having their first season together.

Marty and Ian showed of their new purchase (Hempel) in the park but couldn’t connect the dots in time to make the race. They should be hitting the water in the next few weeks.

The next event on the ‘12s’ calendar is the Port Jackson Championship, to be hosted by Sydney Flying Squadron on Sunday, 19th March. With the Australian Championships hosted by Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club to follow over the Easter weekend, April 14th

Top Five Scratch Results:

1.Sydney Sailmakers (Nick Press/Andrew Hay)

2.=Geotherm (Brett Hobson/Bill Lusty)

2.=Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple/ Richard Jones)

4. Bigfoot Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses (Murray Press/Macca Patton)

5. Chapman High Performance Sailing (Jack Winning/Brett Phillips)

Photo by Vita Williams

Parramatta River Championship Results


Sydney Sailmakers takes 12ft Skiff Parramatta River Championship

The Sydney Sailmakers crew of Nick Press and Andrew “Noddy” Hay won the 12ft Skiff Parramatta River Championship in fresh 25knots+ Southerly conditions. Abbotsford Sailing Club hosted event late yesterday afternoon.

Terms and Conditions (Brad Phillips/ Tim Barraclough) won the start with an aggressive Port hand manoeuvre but it was Geotherm (Brett Hobson and Billy Lusty) who showed blistering speed up the first work to lead at the windward mark.

Sydney Sailmakers and Lincoln Crowne (Jono Temple/Richard Jones) both proved very slipper on the downward leg to get the better of Geotherm who rounded in 3rd. Geotherm moved back into 2nd up the next work but came to grief on the tricky run past the Marina allowing Sydney Sailmakers to build a good lead. Lincoln Crowne also took a break on the fin allowing Geotherm back in 2nd.

The positions remained unchanged to the finish with Bigfoot Customs trapeze Harness fighting back to 4th after an early swim.

Abbotsford 12ft Squadron hosted the event with the conditions making got some great rides for the crews and excellent viewing for the Spector’s.

The 12ft Skiffs step up a gear next month with the NSW 12ft Skiff Championships kicking of 26th November at the Sydney Flying Squadron at Kirribilli.

Top Five Scratch Results:

  1. Sydney Sailmakers (Nick Press/Andrew Hay)
  2. Geotherm (Brett Hobson/Billy Lusty)
  3. Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple/Richard Jones)
  4. Bigfoot Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses (Murray Press/Scott Lanham)
  5. Chapman High Performance Sailing (Jack Winning/Brett Phillips)

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Photo’s from Kim Tutt Brown



parramatta-river-champs-1 parramatta-river-champs-5 parramatta-river-champs-4 parramatta-river-champs-2

2016-17 NSW 12ft Skiff Association Race Calendar

The upcoming sailing seasons calendar has been released. View it on the Racing Calendar page.

Dates Events Club
Saturday, 10 September 2016 Opening Day LC12’SSC
? Opening Day A12’SC
? Opening Day SFS
Saturday, 8 October 2016 Upper Harbour Championship LC12’SSC
Sunday, 23 October 2016 Parramatta River Championship A12’SC
26-27 November 2016 NSW State Championship SFS
3-4 December 2016 NSW State Championship LC12’SSC
7-14 January 2017 57th Interdominons Championship B18’SC
Saturday, 4 February 2017 Sprint Series A12’SC
Sunday, 19 March 2017 Port Jackson Championship SFS
14-17 April 2017 Australian Championship LC12’SSC

Sydney Sailmakers win’s Australian Championship

Son and father finish top two at Australian 12ft Skiff Championship

With five straight bullets, the Sydney Sailmakers crew of Nick Press and Andrew Hay has decisively collected the 12 Foot Skiff Australian Championship title, sponsored by Captain Morgan and sailed on Sydney Harbour over the Easter weekend in light and variable conditions.

Big Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, skippered by Nick Press’s father Murray and crewed by Scott Lanham, finished second overall, but 10 points behind, with a mixture of second, third and fourth places in their tally, Murray Press also winning the Veteran trophy.

Lincoln Crowne, crewed by Jonathon Temple and Richard Jones, filled out the top three, the only one to nearly rob Sydney Sailmakers of a faultless scorecard.

Defending champion skipper, Brett Hobson, was ashore awaiting the birth of his second child, so left Geotherm in the capable hands of James Francis and Hobson’s usual crew, Billy Lusty, who sailed Geotherm to fifth overall. It left the path somewhat clear for Press/Hay, as the two crews are highly competitive and push each other to the limit.

“It wasn’t as easy as it looks on paper,” commented Gladesville skipper, Press, who went on to say that he and Andrew Hay, from Kirribilli, were pushed by their nearest opponents.

Racing was abandoned on the opening day, Good Friday’, which was not so good for sailing – it was extremely light and shifty, so the 24 crews were raging to get on the water on Saturday when the two planned races were sailed in east and north-easterly winds.

“We sailed the easterly course in the first race, and then the north/easterly in the second race. It maxed out at 9 knots, enough to power up with our big gear with two on the strings (trapeze),” Press said after beating Lincoln Crowne to the line by a minute and a half in the first race and his dad, Murray, by over two minutes in the second race.

Sunday’s two races were held in easterly winds of up to 12 knots and things were livelier in terms of closer finishes.

“Racing was tighter,” admitted Press, who only beat Big Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses by 35 seconds in the first race of the day. “We had a really good tussle with Dad and Scott.”

Terms & Conditions gave Sydney Sailmakers a run for their money in second race, finishing only 16 seconds behind.

“We had really good racing with Brad and Tim,” offered Press of his fellow Lane Cove 12 Foot Sailing Skiff Club members aboard Terms & Conditions.

“They were using my last year’s big rig. They mixed it nicely on the weekend and finished fourth on scratch in their first competition. They’ll only get better, so it’s good for the class.”

Monday came and it was hoped two races could be held to make up for Friday’s abandonment, but the weather dictated otherwise. Crews drifted for 45 minutes waiting for the light and shifty easterly that filtered in turned to the south/east at a maximum of 8 knots.

Light weather specialists Temple/Jones on Lincoln Crowne won the start and led around the course, looking unstoppable. Terms & Conditions, Big Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, Geotherm and Press’s crew gave chase, until Sydney Sailmakers spotted a zephyr near the finish and took advantage to win the race by 27 seconds.

“It’s not over until they honk the horn – it’s still on, so you don’t give up,” Press said.

The breeze died after that, so no second race.

“It was a good way to end the season,” Press said. “And it was good sailing with Noddy (Andrew Hay) again. We hadn’t sailed together since the Interdominion in January.

“It was good to have 24 boats on the line, including those that travelled from Queensland. They have a good fleet there, which is going from strength to strength, and we appreciate four of their crews coming to Sydney to race,” he said of those on Donkey on the Edge, Skiffropes.com, Squid and Wingman.

Press, who comes from a long line of 12ft skiff champions, says only one week of sailing, at Lane Cove 12’s, his home club, remains. “We’ll be taking the next generation out on the water next weekend, and that’s it for the season,” said the Sydney sailor, who is proud of his sailing heritage.

“I have pictures of all the Press’s (often referred to as the ‘Press Gang’, going back to my great grandfather, but I think the sailing goes back one generation further – I just don’t have a photo to confirm it,” he said.

Internationally respected offshore navigator, Adrienne Cahalan, won the Handicap event with her crew Cameron McDonald. Cahalan was the only female in the 24-boat fleet and was crewed by Cameron McDonald on Panadol.

Cahalan’s various other sailing commitments keeps her away from being a regular in the class, so her handicap win and 12th in the scratch results was a credit to her and McDonald.

All crews enjoyed sampling the sponsor’s rum after their long afternoons on the Harbour and thanked Captain Morgan for its sponsorship of the 2016 12ft Skiff Australian Championship.

The winners of the Sydney Flying Squadron hosted Australian Championship will now have their names engraved on the Norman Booth Trophy, while the handicap winners’ names will be added to the Colin Clark Memorial Trophy.

Newest in the fleet - Brad Phillips  Tim Barraclough on Terms  Conditions
Top five scratch results:

1. Sydney Sailmakers, Nick Press/Andrew Hay-LC-1 -1 -1 -1 -1, 5

2. Big Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, Murray Press/Scott Lanham-LC-3 -2 -2 -4, 15

3. Lincoln Crowne, Jonathon Temple/Richard Jones-SFS-2 -5 -5 -3.5V -2, 17.5

4. Terms & Conditions,-Brad Phillips/Tim Barraclough-LC-3 -2 -6 -3 -8, 22

5. Geotherm, James Francis/Billy Lusty-SFS-5 -6 -4 -6 -3, 24

Full results

– Di Pearson

Sydney Sailmakers pips Geotherm for 12ft Skiff Parramatta River Championship

The Geotherm crew of Brett Hobson and Billy Lusty led the 12ft Skiff Parramatta River Championship almost to the end, only to be pipped to the post by the Sydney Sailmakers crew of Nick Press and Andrew ‘Noddy’ Hay in the Abbotsford Sailing Club hosted event late yesterday afternoon.

Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple/Richard Jones) and Arrogant Frog (Peter and Steve Hill) were fastest off the start, but Geotherm’s crew quickly headed east and hooked into a nice lift up the first beat, leaving the rest in their wake.

Hobson, who lives at Abbotsford, and Lusty, from Berowra, looked to be in unstoppable form until the very end. They made the best of a near-perfect 15-16 knot north-easterly breeze and flat water, which suits the skiffs to a tee.

“Geotherm did a great job in the conditions. It was quite gusty and shifty, so there were lots of overtaking opportunities – some of your own making – some just luck,” Press, from Gladesville said, after Hobson and Lusty kept all-comers at bay, while there were changes in positions further down the course.

“They rounded the final mark in front of us, but we were on his hammer by that stage. Brett elected to stay on port tack, while we got into a line of pressure and tacked, and we led to the finish,” Press said.

Hobson and Lusty threw everything they could at Press/Hay to prevent them from winning, but could not find the runway, so were forced to play second fiddle to Sydney Sailmakers once again, after being beaten by them in the Upper Harbour Championship last week. Just 31 seconds separated the two boats at the finish line.

“Of course Brett and Billy weren’t happy with the end result, but this is only the third time they’ve sailed together, so I think better things are to come,” said Press, whose own crew, Hay, joined him for a fourth time yesterday. “Yeh, I guess we’re still a bit rusty, but we’re getting better too,” he said.

A further 20 seconds behind, Lincoln Crowne completed the podium, as it also did last week. In fact, last week’s top five were replicated exactly yesterday.

The Parramatta River Championship was a preview of things to come in the 12ft Skiff NSW Championship, which gets underway on the last weekend of November at the Sydney Flying Squadron at Kirribilli.  It should suit Kirribilli resident Andrew Hay nicely.

Top Five Scratch Results:

1. Sydney Sailmakers (Nick Press/Andrew Hay)
2. Geotherm (Brett Hobson/Billy Lusty)
3. Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple/Richard Jones)
4. Bigfoot Foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses (Murray Press/Scott Lanham)
5. The Bird (Dave Lusty/Glenn Farquhar)

Full scratch and handicap results here

Photo’s from Vita



Another win for Sydney Sailmakers - credit Vita Williams - low res Disappointment for Geotherm - credit Vita Williams - low res

Lane Cove Race report 03/10/2015

RACE REPORT 3 October 2015 – Birdsall Family Trophy

The day started with promising signs of a building seabreeze clear skies and an unusally hot day for the early start to the season. With a light Sou’easter starting to fill in, bets were put on as to whether the breeze was going to shift around to the East/Nor East. Most of the fleet decided to hedge their bets either way and slot in the No.2 Rig except for Gizmo (James Birdsall and Peter Bevis) who went No1 (Big Rig). There were 10 boats on the start line for the longweekend regatta with 7 finishes.

With a handicap start  (highest handicap start first) and predictions of a building seabreeze, the guys heading off first were going to be struggling to maintain the gap between them and the lower handicap positioned boats starting later, however, as it turned out the breeze never did quite fill in as predicted and the guys were left with a light Easterly to get them around the course as it slowly died off throughout the day.

Skoll with Peter Polec and fill-in Ollie Hartas, recently returning from his European sailing stint over winter, took out the double win beating Lincoln Crown (Jonathan Temple & Richard Jones) on scratch and handicap with Gizmo coming in with a second on Handicap, not quite able to keep the distance between Skoll coming into the finish. Chapman High Performance Sailing saw veteran skipper Jack Winning team up with his old crew’s son from the 90s James Glassock (Andrew ‘Bushy’ Glassock) finishing a very respectable third on handicap with it being James’ first taste in the bigger boats stepping up from his usual Flying 11 gig.

Lane Cove Race report 26/09/2015

With rigging space aplenty due to a smaller fleet, Race 3 of the season at Lane Cove 12ft Skiff Club started on a scratch start without a hitch. With a strong Southerly forecasted and plenty of cold gusts hitting during rigging up nearly all of the fleet opted for their 2nd rigs. After a clean start to the South #3 Course, with about 10 kts of wind, the fleet quickly spilt into two groups by the 1st mark at Woodford Bay. It was then a battle to get to the wind first with the boats that went wide along the river getting to it first. The famous “Humbung” was feeling kind so let most through without incident. With an incoming tide against the fleet up to the top mark at Goat Island, Big foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses (Murray Press and Charlie Gundy) were leading the pack. The breeze started to kick in to about 15kts gusting 20kts which lead to some interesting rides downhill, and a few confirmed that the water is still very cool this time of year.

After suffering some minor set backs on board Big foot Custom Trapeze Harnesses which put them back to third position, Sydney Sail Makers (Nick Press and Jeremy Jones) overtook them and then lead for most of the rest of the race before briefly giving up the lead around Humbug to Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple and Richard Jones) before regaining it on the run to the finish.

Lots of father vs son competition in the top 3 boats which shows the 12ft skiff can be sailed by all ages. No Lasers were harmed in the making of this story.




Lane Cove Opening day 12/09/2015

YMC leaders LCCA big rig sail North Easter greeted a healthy fleet to 13 Skiffs to kick off the season at Lane Cove. With lots of new crew combinations and a few new rigs in the park the light tricky conditions on the long North East course would test the fleet.

Slippery When Wet (John Williams & Charlie Gundy) won the start the lead the fleet closely followed by Lincoln Crowne (Jonathon Temple & Richard Joans). With the rest of the fleet fighting hard to get a clear lane out of the river. At the first turn mark Lincoln Crowne had a 50m lead over Sydney Sailmakers (Nicholas Press & Andrew Hay) with Slippery When Wet in 3rd.

Working up the following upwind leg with the breeze settling at a consistent 8-10knots Sydney Sailmakers took to lead. A fierce battle had also erupted behind the 2 leaders for 3rd place. The race between Chapman High Performance (Jack Winning & Brett Phillips), Slippery When Wet, Hey Charger (Nick Bernard & Oscar Wilsons) and The Bird (Dave Lusty & Glenn Farquhar) lasted all day with Chapman High Performance Sailing cementing 3rd spot with the aid of a brand new #1 rig.

The two leading skiffs swapping tacks and gybes around the course each building 200m leads only to see it disappear, with the dying breeze providing plenty of passing lanes. Sydney Sailmakers despite leading into humbug lost the lead to Lincoln Crowne at the last mark who carried better spend through the light conditions. With the breeze dying out the 2 leaders crossed the finished line almost 28mins ahead of 3rd place.

With a couple of boats still to hit the water from their winter maintenance programs and the new builds still a month away, the fleet is building nicely.

Thanks to Stay Connected Electrical (Jakub Ronowicz & Craig Nicholson) and Citadel (Martin Debelle & Ian Terley) from the Sydney Flying Squadron for attending the day.


Results attached


Photos provide by Vita Williams




54th 12ft Skiff Interdominion Championships 2014

The count down is on, 13 days and we start the 54th Inters in Wellington at WBBC.

The Kiwi skiffies will post photos and results as much as we can on the NZ 12s Facebook page and the website www.skiff.org.nz

Australian Interdominon team

LC Gemmell Sails Nick Press Tim Barraclough
LC Vantage Real Estate Murray Press Brett Phillips
LC Skoll Peter Polec James McCrudden
QLD Tank Girl Ben Guymer Craig Dancer
WSC Variety Adam Frobes Max Paton

New Zealand team (TBA)





Giddy Up

Boat Name Giddy Up
Skipper Paul O’Malley Jones
Crew Steve Tapsall
Club B18’SC
Seasons with current team 2
Hull Shape MK2
Best results 2015/16 QLD State Champion

10th, i14 Vic Championship(Sailing Giddy Up)

2003 Interdominon Champion

1996 & 2004 National Champion

2017 Interdominons Veterans Champion



Boat Name Pennyliss
Skipper Rilke de Vos
Crew Arno Anderwald
Club Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club
Seasons with current team 2
Hull Shape MK1
Sponsor Queensland 12ft Skiff Association
Best results


Allwood Sails

Boat Name Allwood Sails
Skipper Brendan Matthews
Crew Joel McDonald
Club Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club
Seasons with current team 10+
Hull Shape MK2
Sponsor Allwood Sails
Best results 2013 Interdominon Rookie Skipper Champion