Brisbane Water Championship

Race Results

Garde secured a comfortable win after several battles throughout the early part of the race.

There was some confusion as to the location of the top mark up the first work as the breeze continued to oscillate from East to North East.

Eventually all crews found it soon after the start, in a light big rig breeze.

All skiffs remained closely bunched in the early parts of the first work. Geotherm and Skoll looked to be creeping ahead till Geotherm nearly capsized backwards. They managed to stay upright, but in doing so took out Skoll. This let Garde sneak through to lead at the top mark, ahead of Skoll (who recovered from their tangle), D-unit and Panadol.

A slow and tangled spinnaker set on board Garde nearly caused a capsize and let Skoll and Panadol roll past, while Geotherm elected to sail high before setting the spinnaker. The move would pay off, allowing them to pass all but Skoll to be 2nd at the wing mark.

At the bottom mark, Skoll still led, but all were closely bunched. D-unit and Geotherm rounding 2nd and 3rd, and Garde just sneaking inside Panadol.

Geotherm had another near capsize backwards up the next work, allowing Garde to pass.

At the top mark, Skoll, D-unit and Garde opened up a nice lead on the pack, but the three skiffs remained close over the next lap of the race.

Garde passed D-unit early on in the 3rd work, and then Skoll in the latter parts to hold a slender leader around the top mark.

Skoll closed the gap right up at the wing mark, before Garde got away again, and then closed it again at the bottom mark.

D-unit had spinnaker issues on the way to the wing mark which allowed Geotherm to pass.

Garde covered Skoll the entire next work, and remained in front to the finish.

D-unit had a stellar last work to close the gap to Geotherm to within seconds at the final top mark, however Geotherm managed to hold them out to claim 3rd place by 3 seconds.

Panadol picked up 5th and with that won the handicap.