Sydney Weekend Race Reports (9th & 10th November)

Saturday, Lane Cove, handicap start

Forecast very fresh southerly has everyone very jittery, talking up the rig choice.

Majority of the fleet opt for 3rd rig, Vantage Real Estate (Guest skipper “Big” Ben Austin & Brett Phillips) & Lincoln Crowne & Company (Jonathan Temple & Richard Jones) the only boats opting for the second rig.

Handicap start, last boat of LCC at 1 minute, chasing the fleet in a very shifty South-East/North Easterly out to the Parramatta River.

More breeze in the main river, with big velocity & directional shifts on the first of 4 works to the Goat Island top mark.

Good early form from At Call (John Williams & Will Lusty) and The Bird (guest skipper international yachtswoman Adrienne Cahalan & Glen Farquhar) leading the tail end bunch by a good lap.

Slowly through the afternoon the rapid & unpredictable shifts take their toll, with various mishaps in the fleet allowing the last starters to work through the fleet, and providing all the boats the opportunity for some wild & out of control rides.

At the last mark Birchgrove into the river to the finish Madonna (David Winning & Peter Bevis) holding onto their first place by several minutes from LCC, and they took this to the finish, ahead of LCC (fastest time) then The Bird followed by Skol (Andrew O’Brien & Jamie McCrudden)


Sunday, 10.11.13,  Woollahra.

The previous days Southerly had decayed into a 17-20 knot South Easterly, with a host of guest starters, looking for practice on the harbour in a 3rd rig breeze.

At the start, for the work to the top mark in Rose bay, Vantage Real Estate (guest skipper Big Ben Austin, standing in for the injured Jack Winning & Brett Phillips) jammed out the barging Lincoln Crowne & Company (Jonathan Temple & Richard Jones) forcing them to tack out of the line & start in b-row.

Rest of the fleet off clean, with an early capsize from Citadel (Martin Debelle & Ian Terley) dropping them off the front row.

Gemmell Sails (Murray Press & Scott Lanham) second behind Vantage Real Estate, passed at the top mark by LCC coming back into it.

Down the fast run to Chowder Bay, LCC closing on Vantage when they lost a lacing on the backstay: this slowed them on the next work while it was tied up.

Vantage Real Estate leading back up round Shark Island, LCC then Gemmell Sails, for the run down to Taylor Bay.

LCC capsized in the drop at the bottom mark, again letting Vantage Real Estate off the hook.

Last set at top mark, run to Chowder bay, another great ride, then to the finish. Vantage Real Estate through the finish line 50m ahead of LCC.

Gemmell Sails 3rd, followed by Variety for 4th.