Woollahra Club 12ft Racing To Date

There hasnt been much in the way of formal racing at Woollahra as yet.

The club’s annual marathon race (Cock of the Harbour) which was scheduled for the 22nd September was postponed, with the new date yet to be confirmed. With the America’s Cup in full swing at the time, LCC and Garde decided on some matching racing tune ups instead. It was a really nice big rig day, bang on mid range. Typical early season Nor-Easter; not a cloud in the sky.

On the 29th September, the 12 association held a tuning and training day. There were several boats in attendances (some from the river clubs), the breeze again light out of the Nor-Easter, so it was big rigs all round. Brett and Murray were on the rescue/start/coach boat, and got 5 very short windward leeward two lap races away. It was a great opportunity to have a look at some of the boat setups and offer some crew work advise. Nick was also on hand, and spend some time on board the www.skiff.org.au, while Brett jumped on the Citadel for a few races.

Special thanks to Ben Gemmell who gave up several hours of his time in the morning going over the boats with some tune up tips and advice.

This weekend all racing has been cancelled due to the Navy Fleet Review.

The following weekend we are up at Lane Cove on Saturday (12th Oct) for the Upper Harbour Championship, and then into normal club racing on Sunday.