Woollahra Club Racing – 3rd November

The club cancelled afternoon racing on Sunday due to a northwesterly which was gusting to 30knots, and a southerly was due to come thru about 3-3.30pm that would be pushing 40knots.

The 12’s decided to head out for a blast anyway, before the southerly came thru.

The breeze backed off a little just prior to launching and shifted to the southwest. It would kick back in again, as westerly’s do.

No racing was planned prior to launching given the unsettled nature of the breeze, so speed runs were on the cards.

Garde, Lincoln Crowne, Variety and Citadel all headed out with the small gear on.

All skiffs picked their 3rd downwind run to perfection, a solid bank of SW breeze pushing about 28 knots had them flying down the harbour.

Back on shore it was smiles all round. It had been a long time between good long runs down the harbour.

Citadel were last back to the beach, and only just made it before the southerly kicked in.