Upper Harbour Championship Results

Lane Cove Race, Saturday 4th October, 2014

Lane Cove, Forecast Big to 2nd rig, blowing 2nd rig on Sydney Harbour, all boats trepidatious about breeze building more through the afternoon on water: the fleet ended up opting for 2nd rig (everyone wanted to be in an even race with the others, no one backing a hunch)

 Scratch start, big shifts in the breeze, pin set way down-river from usual location and run-in tide caught everyone out, all late to the start, Lincoln Crowne and Company (Jonathan Temple & Richard Jones) tragically so, the smarter money like Gemmell Sails (Murray Press & Scott Lanham) and Dimension Polyant Sailcloth (Nick Press & Andrew Stevenson) cutting their losses at the wharf end of the line.

Fortunately for some (particularly LCC), and why no one knows, the race officer called AP just after the start, and brought everyone back to restart.

2nd start, everyone jostling at the pin, tight start between LCC, Gemmell Sails and Dimension Polyant Sailcloth.

All tacking down-river against the tide, looking for patches of pressure in the broken breeze of the river. LCC got the better of this game, extending a 20 m gap to Gemmell Sails in the lead up to the dreaded Humbug: here LCC sneaked into the limbo of Humbug, got a slant of breeze for the beginning of the first spinnaker run to Spectacle Island, and got a 250m gap on the fleet: it was day over after this, the gap too big to surrender.

LCC carried breeze all the way to Spectacle Island, preserving their break for the beginning of the first of 4 works to Manns Point.

In the next positions the Press family battling it out, Gemmell Sails with a small margin on Dimension Polyant Sailcloth, who had a small margin on Vantage Real Estate (Adrienne Cahalan & Brett Phillips), ahead of Skol (Peter Polec & Jamie McCrudden) ahead of The Bird (David Lusty & Glenn Farquhar) , Slippery When Wet (John Williams & Ben Gemmell) and Hey Charger (Nick Bernard & Robbie Polec).

This was the order for the rest of the day, no park-ups or passing lanes until coming back into Humbug.

Here LCC saw their lead cut down by Gemmell Sails bringing new breeze into the river, but LCC were able to hang on with a diminished finishing margin of 1 1/2 minutes ahead of Gemmell Sails, with Dimension Polyant Sailcloth a further 2 minutes behind. This margin gave LCC the handicap double for the day as well.

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