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Woollahra Sailing Club

Woollahra Sailing Club had a very humble beginning. It was founded at a meeting on the 8th of May 1953 by ven enthusiastic Moth Class sailors resonating from the Woollahra Municipality, with Victor Friezer becoming President and Henry Arthur being appointed Club Captain. Located in stunning Rose Bay, the club boasts some of the best sailing in Australia with views to match. With Sydney winning the Olympic bid for 2000, Woollahra Sailing Club welcomed a large influx of Overseas Teams requiring boat space together with various facilities and services in order to train for the Olympics on Sydney Harbour. The apex of this influx was In December 1999, where there were hundreds of sailors and boats occupying the Club from no less than 23 different nations. Woollahra Sailing Club enters the New Millennium and its 50th Year with a sense of pride over its past and a clear vision for the years ahead. The Current Committee continues to navigate the Club into a bright and prosperous future- upholding the image of Woollahra Sailing Club being one of the most impressive dinghy sailing clubs in Australia.

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