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Scum & Villainy

Boat Name Scum & Villainy
Skipper Craig Dancer
Crew Angus Barker
Club Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club
Seasons with current team 2
Hull Shape Woof
Best results

QLD – Club Championship Race 1

IMG_3563After another long week of crazy forecasts and probably a little too much smack talk amongst the lads, the QLD 12’s were fired up and raring to go when Saturday finally came..!!

The breeze wasn’t quite as strong as the early week forecasts, however a magic sunny 27 degrees with 10-15kts greeted the sailors when they go to the rigging lawn.. A split between big rig and second was on the cards with Squid, Wingman and Ghetto all putting in their biggest gear.. Havoc, Cougar and Marina/Death by Chocolate/Pool Pony/”Laurie’s new ride” all played it safe and put in their 2nd rigs..

The vibe on the lawn was great even though we were missing a couple of boats.. The smack talk continued until we hit the water. Ghetto were their usual slick operation and were first to be heading out the leads.. The rest of us followed shortly after and game faces were donned. The start was somewhat pathetic.. Most boats opted for a second row start except The Wingman and Ghetto Sled.. All boats went left except Havoc and it was Ghetto who hit the corner first.. The Wingman tried to sneakily dump on them but less than perfect execution of the tack found saw spat out the backdoor with Ghetto then turning on the afterburners and leaving The Wingman to suck on their jet stream..

Meanwhile out to the right Joshie on Havoc found some positive tide and a great little lift which he utilised to perfection and when the fleet converged on the top mark it was the 2nd row bandits who rounded first followed by Ghetto, Wingman, Squid and the rest..

1897792_802445583131341_4167985557860112834_nHavoc must have really liked that side of the course because they did a quick gybe set and headed straight back out there.. Ghetto had a slow hoist due to a kinked Halyard.. The Wingman caught up the lost ground and it was on like Donkey Kong..!! Ghetto gybed off to clear his air and The Wingman and Squiddy continued out to the corner..

Around the bottom it was tight with Ghetto just hanging on to a narrow lead ahead of The Wingman, Havoc and Squid.. The Wingman tacked off to find some clear air.. Ghetto didn’t cover much to their delight.. All boats wanted to make use of the tide out to the right so when Ghetto finally tacked to give a loose cover on The Wingman, The old girl tacked back out to the right.. The Breeze was strengthening to a solid 12-15kts.. Anyone who’s sailed a 12 with big rig in 15kts knows you’ve got a bit on trying to control the bucking, pigrooting skiff.. Woohoo..!!

Around the top Ghetto had extended their lead on the fleet and shot off towards the wing mark.. The Wingman and Squiddy followed them but there was a slight mishap aboard Havoc which saw the super sub Nathan (who has spent a lot more time on 18’s than 12’s) take one too many steps back after a ball tearing acceleration, needless to say Nath found himself swimming with the fishes..

10702130_802445729797993_2891212010646549275_nGhetto dropped their kite after the gybe as the second reach was too tight for their big rig and they headed for the bottom mark on white sails.  On board The Wingman we took a gamble and carried the kite a bit further straight in to an Etchells fleet.. When we popped out the other side we dropped the kite and scooted to the bottom mark on a pretty sketchy two sail big rig reach.. We were hanging off the back and praying that the nose would stay above the green stuff.. We made up the ground we’d lost on the previous work and rounded once again hot on the heels of Ghetto Sled. Squid were right on our transom too.. What great close racing..!!

With our cunno blocked out and the mainsail flagging Ghetto were once again able to stretch out a nice little advantage on the windward work.. The fleet watched anxiously as they did their final tack of the race half expecting them to execute their now “world famous” splash tack.. Not today, these boys were on song and rounded the top with a comfortable lead and they just set and sent it down to the finish line on what was a cracking top end big rig kite ride..!! The Wingman was next with Squid completing the podium..

The second race was abandoned due to a severe thunderstorm warning and some ominous clouds heading towards the fleet..

It was a sensation day out and it’s great to see boats are starting to get their crew work together and are getting fast again..

You will have noticed there was no mention of Tank Girl this week as they were not racing. Instead Ben was off getting married. On behalf of the QLD 12’s Benny, congratulations on your wedding Benny and Christine.. However you did miss a sensational day of racing..!!

Until next weekend Send it, Don’t Bend it..!!



Results 2014-09-27

QLD – Patron’s Trophy – 20th September 2014


It’s taken a few weeks to shake off the rust, however the QLD 12’s are definitely starting to find their feet..!! Nobody knew what was going to happen weather wise this week with some forecasts saying sub 5kts and others saying 20kts..!! When we got to the rigging lawn smiles spread across the faces of all skiffies.. (Except BMad because he was on rescue driver duty)  A delightful 15kts from the South East with a few gusts getting up to 20kts.. 3rd rig..!!

The Wingman decided to make a few last minute alterations by adding some more non-skid to those hard to reach places..  You know the ones you only stand on when it’s blowing snot and you’re trying to grip on with your toe nails.. Fruities were also added just in case the wind vs tide scenario threw some famous Moreton Bay ramps our way.. (Here’s hoping..!!)

We were all pretty excited to get out there, so much so that we hit the water early.. (For those who know the QLD 12’s, this never happens.. EVER..!!)


On board the Wingman it was our first real sail of the season and it showed.. We showered the bottom of the boat with rust when we started, but after 20mins of tacking practice and a sensational 20kt send, things started to gel a little.. GAME ON..!!

The gun went and unfortunately only one boat crossed the line on time.. Tankers came in hot and crossed the line first.. Wingman was a boat length back with Havoc and Ghetto fiddle farting around behind.. I believe there was a last minute crash tack on Ghetto which put them behind the 8 ball from the get go..

The first work saw Tank-ass go left and Wingman right (to try and get out of the chop).. Tankers came out on top and rounded in 1st..  followed by The Wingman and Havoc, then Ghetto (closer than the shave Benny so desperately needs).. The run was somewhat shorter than expected with B-Mads GPS prowess, or lack thereof, resulting in a “sprint” course.. It was a case of get the kite up, send it for 10 seconds then gybe and hope you make the gate.. Tankers did a good job and The Wingman followed.. Josh lost control through the gybe and was the first watery casualty for the race. We came charging down to the gate in a mega puff and were lucky the boat was so far out of the water otherwise the c’board would have caught the start boat anchor line..!!

Another gybe and within seconds we found ourselves at the bottom mark..!! The Wingman felt the pressure and put it in the piss on the final gybe drop allowing Ghetto to slip through easier than a greased up Scotsman..

The next work saw the top 3 skiffs headed straight for the corner with no real time gains.. That was until Ghetto did their all too familiar splash tack and allowed The Wingman to catch up a bit.. Tank Girl was now well out in front with a smoking 20kt breeze.. Around the top mark for the second time and they were looking slick..!! That was until they got a little too close and personal with the gate.. For those who haven’t yet seen the footage, Tank girl managed to gybe on the gate mark.. I mean that as literally as it can be.. The buoy got caught between the forestay and the mast..!!VIDEO HERE This allowed Ghetto and Wingman to slide up the inside.. (sorry no fun pun for this one)  Ghetto rounded the bottom for the last time with a nice little gap with The Wingman and Tankers battling it out behind.. I’ll blow my own trumpet now, because it was the one and only time all day we did something remarkable.. After rounding the bottom mark together The Wingman opened the after burners and smoked Tankers from underneath.. I’m sure it was as pleasurable for them as it was for us..

Around the top for the final time and Ghetto Sled set and sent it to the finish for their first “Bradbury” win of the season..

The Wingman were second with Tank Girl third.


The second race followed shortly after the first with Tank Girl once again winning the start (although they must have been pretty damn close to the line……..) Ghetto, Tankers and Havoc headed left with The Wingman once again trying the right.. Unfortunately with two of the worst tacks ever seen on a 12ft skiff (without actually capsizing) We were well behind the fleet by the top mark.. Tankers rounded first again with Ghetto hot on their heels.. Havoc were looking good too until they snapped their jib sheet.. The Wingman watched the two leaders absolutely hammering after setting the kites..  The ramps were epic and the air time was huge..!! If there were any cobwebs still lingering at that stage they would have been well and truly blown out..

The ride to the bottom was much better this time as BMad worked out that there is a difference between a 6 and an 8 on the GPS and the course was that little bit longer..

Ghetto and Tankers battled hard with the Wingman falling further behind after an attempted auto pilot error.. (The kite sheet wrapped around the tiller extension and during the gybe when the kite filled, the tiller did too..)

Ghetto managed to pass Tank Girl at the final bottom mark and from where I stood (further back than fullback) they were able to successfully fend the tankers off all the way to the finish..

When returning to the beach it was a case of thank f*ck for trolley wheels because every crew member was completely exhausted.. We used our last remaining strength to lift the rum cans to our mouths and talk about the crazy rides for the rest of the afternoon..

It’s great to be back and racing.. A cracking 3rd rig day was exactly what the doctor ordered..!!

Until next week when we do it all again,

Send it, don’t bend it..!!


IMG_3369 IMG_3252 IMG_3410

QLD – 2014 Season Opener

No time to get the feel of the boat again for the Brisbanites on the weekend, who had to stand up to 4th rig, and what a battle it was.

The start of the 2014-15 12ft skiff season started with a bang in 20-25kts and an increasingly alarming Waterloo Bay chop.

5 skiffs pulled their 3rd rigs on, then a few ducked the wind swept seagulls and settled for a last minute 4th main as the breeze kicked a few knots right before launch time.

The gun went off for the first race of the season and Tank Girl, with her fresh splattering of “Moon Jizz” paint, had the early lead with Ghetto Sled chasing to the corner, and newcomer Josh Franklin in Havoc hitting the harbour to avoid the swell. Of course, time off the water prevented the ability to navigate to the top mark, so Havoc took an early lead with Tankers and Ghetto reaching back down to the top mark. Tankers with a slow kite set and Havoc with a very rough bear-away had all three blasting downhill within a couple hundred metres of each other. 3rd rig kites were up on all and it was a massive wake-up call after hibernating all winter. The bears took a while to limber up the muscles and both Tank Girl and Havoc hit the piss around the first gybe area. Ghetto blasting from behind took the lead and was never headed. Ben and Craig had a few swims but came good for 2nd and Josh limped in 3rd, ready to do it again.

Meanwhile, Laurie may or may not have left the beach after trying to rig his 4th and discovering a significant luff curve deficiency. And BMad, the Cougar, started the race, but managed to split his inspection hatch, sinking half the boat and keeping Terry on the RIB busy.

Race 2 was a bit of a shambles, with the kite boarders going first, and Guymer doing a practice start. The skiff start was a procession, with Tank Girl tacking out early and Havoc following shortly afterwards, all chasing flatter water. Havoc splash tacked near the top, Tankers took 27knots down the mine at the bear-away and Ghetto also had a quick swim to even things up. Only Ghetto was above the water on the run and once again was never headed. Josh pulled the pin after a lap and a dozen swims, and Tankers were further back than fullback after running without the kite for a bit. Lots of epic rides, with 3rd kites all round and some deep holes to drop into. Need to charge up the GoPro, to show the world what we do.

Seriously brave efforts by all for an untypical start to the season. The newbies braved it, but need to respect the power of the 12ft skiff before they’ll see the podium in 25kts. With new boats, crews and gear all around the boat park, it’s shaping up to be an unforgettable season.
Photos courtesy of Goura Whitehurst

Wingman rebuild 01 Cougar 2014 Havoc 2014

QLD – Club Championship Races 3 and 4

Screen Shot 02smlPenthouse to doghouse in a challenging Northeaster.

Weather forecasts are always wrong. So when the BOM says it will be 15-25 NE in its Friday forecast and then 15-20 NE on Saturday morning, you’d expect at least 15 knots at the start line. Anyway… 2nd rigs went in as the wind was feeling a big light on. Ghetto, Tankers and the Squid were lining up on the lawn for what should have been a sweet overcooked, flat water ride. As Ghetto hit the water, it was feeling a little soft, but heading out the leads a nice 2-string windward with potential to build was OK. Then the breeze arsed out…. 1 string… Tankers and Squid hobbled by the incoming tide… Ghetto gets to the start line with minutes to spare, but Tankers and Squid are nowhere to be seen. Ghetto wins the start..!! Pin end on port. Chugging slowly up the course in the now pretty sick Easterly.

At the top mark, 20 mins later, an extra soft section of the course under Green Island, Ghetto rounds first by half a leg and teabag capsizes in to windward because there is not enough breeze to sit on the gunnel. Righting a skinny boat with no wind is not easiest thing to do. Once that was sorted Ghetto BLASTED down to the bottom and the rest of the race was a bit of a drag. 1hr 20mins… Win by 6mins to Tank Girl then Squid. The wind had started to fill on the run to the finish..!!!!

Race 2: The wind was now a steady 15kts and had swung a little North. Game on. Ghetto once again hit the pin end on port with Squid following close behind. Tankers must have initially missed the north shift, because they started mid line on starboard. Ghetto and Squid blasted out to the right, drag racing a couple of gin palaces to not get run over on their way to Peel Island for… a few gins. Tankers split left and when we all headed back to the middle 3/4 up the course they had a 200 metre lead. WTF..!! Further north shifting paid for the Tank Girls and they were smashing along in the starting-to-get-lumpy seas and solid breeze.

Round the first mark Tankers were up and gone and Ghetto, with a last minute knot in the main sheet couldn’t ease through the bear away and dived through a double up. The chop was still coming from the east , but was being supplemented by the same from the north, creating a bit of an obstacle for the run. Squid, with fill-in crew Rilke De Vos, rounded smartly just as Ghetto got up and going. Tankers was near the bottom mark as it was now a straight run between the marks.

The second lap went by without incident, Ghetto and Squid seemingly gaining on Tank Girl and they must have eased off the throttle. However, the wind was now gusting 20, and the chop had tripled up, making the sailing… fun but challenging. Another splash-tack for Ghetto and Squid was right there. A splash pulling the 100L of water plus the kite up saw them slide past. Killer ride to the finish on the ear, Rilke yahooing and screaming, and that was that. Tankers wins by 6mins, Terry and Rilke safe as houses 2nd and the death or glory crew on Ghetto succumbing to a fast death.

2 sail home was also a bit “challenging” at the angle of death. Tankers mined near the leads and Squid drove through a few beefy ones, Rilke smiling like a madman. Ghetto going Volvo70 style with all the ropes on the floor getting sucked out the back by green water.!!

Good times, need to see a few more boats on-the-water to make a graveyard on days like that.


Screen Shot 01sml

QLD – 8th September 2013

Allwood Sails   Beautiful one day, perfect the next.. That’s the slogan, and boy has QLD lived up to it, with near perfect sailing conditions for the 3rd and 4th races of the season.. The breeze was from the North and a constant 12-15kts when we arrived at the boat park.. With a forecast to build..!! We all threw in our trusty 2nd rigs and hit the water on time for the 2pm start.. All except Brendan and Joel that is.. They put their big rig in again.. Power moves..!!

The start was somewhat controversial with what looked like all boats across the line early and the recall flag flying high.. Fortunately for us on PB we were forced out even though I’m sure we had rights.. We tacked off and crossed the line well behind the fleet and after the starting gun.. Tank girl came back for the recall and we all continued sailing with a few grumbles from the back of the pack..

All was forgotten by the top mark with all 5 skiffs arriving within a few boat lengths.. There were boats being rolled and boats rolling over with the breeze building on cue for the kite ride..!!

Ghetto SledGhetto Sled were around first followed closely by Squid, Tank girl and Allwood sails.. PB brought it up the rear but a sloppy set saw Allwood tip it in to windward and Tank Girl narrowly miss an ugly mast tangle.. This all happened right in front of us on PB, and we had to go low and slow to get past them while the other boys were smoking down to the bottom mark..

It was a quick ride, but we covered a fair distance.. Ghetto managed to stretch out a bit on the fleet with all the dramas happening behind them.. Squid rounded in second but were closely followed by Tank Girl.. PB made up some lost ground but we were not yet within striking distance.. The next beat saw a split fleet with Ghetto heading right to enjoy the tide and Squid and Tank Girl picking the shifts up the left.. PB also went right but by the top mark there was very little positional change.. Ghetto were leading with Tank Girl squeezing through Squiddy and PB following not too far behind.. Allwood were there too, but not really in the hunt. Halfway down the run Squid and Tank Girl were having an epic battle with both boats sending it hard and trying to get ahead.. Terry was able to go a bit higher and was halfway through rolling the Tank Girl when their bob stay let go… Everyone on the bay could feel the disappointment.. PB scooted past as Squid hauled in their big white kite.. The gybe came as a surprise for some and Ghetto overlayed it by a couple of hundred meters..!! Tank girl also overlayed and this gave the hero’s a sniff..!! Ghetto still rounded in first place with Tank Girl and PB rounding together not too far behind.. The next work was a bit of a drag race with all three of us heading right.. Ghetto got to the top first and had maybe even extended their lead.. PB managed to hold in with Tank girl and even put a few meters on her.. When we got to the lay Tank Girl still hadn’t tacked so we cut the corner and passed them. The Tankers had a few issues on their next tack and it was pretty slow which gave PB a clear lead.. Down to the finish it was Ghetto, PB, Tank Girl, Squid and then Allwood Sails.

Great close racing and a hell of a breeze..!! It had built to about 17 or 18kts now and the tide was offering quite a few ramps.. It was a back of the bus ride for all of us..

ChallengeThe second race start was again a bit of a confusing affair with nobody really knowing when to go, but somehow we all hit the line at about the same time and it was game on..!! The first work saw PB out in front followed by Tank Girl and Ghetto Sled.. Squiddy were close behind with a bit of pole poking over the transom of Tank Girl.. It was fairly close and personal even for Terry..!!

Around the top mark and I think we got the top wind speed of the day for the rounding.. We all got around cleanly but it wasn’t pretty.. PB had the kite up first and pulled away.. Ghetto were next with Squid and Tank Girl once again locked at the horns.. Benny clearly has issues with his old boat beating him so will go to great lengths to stop them.. Fortunately for him Terry had a broken bob stay and was being very careful….

We got to the gybe and PB nailed it.. We thought we were killing it.. The boat was going fast and our crew work was improving.. Game on Bitches..!! Shame the skipper didn’t really take the tide in to account and ended up too high on the lay letting Ghetto through the gate..!! Tank girl had a little swim so there was a bit of a gap to 3rd, 4th and 5th.. Allwood were having all sorts of drama’s tacking with big rig in that breeze so retired early..

clip_image002_004The beat saw a nice little tussle between PB and Ghetto with Ghetto holding them firm but splash tacking just before the top mark.. Unrucky..!! PB flew past and up went the kite.. Woohoo..!! The rides were amazing.. Have I mentioned that..?? Well they were..!! PB got to the bottom mark clear ahead but not all that far ahead of Ghetto.. As we soldiered out to the right hand side of the course Ghetto were rocking their super high mode and had definitely made big gains on PB.. We knew we had to nail our last tack and we almost did.. We got through safely but we were looking marginal to make the top mark.. Oh no..!! Ghetto tacked a bit beyond our line and we knew they would lay… Did we have enough time for two tacks or had my lay lines cost us the lead twice..?? We got close to the top mark and went through for the tack.. It wasn’t a bad one so I was a little optimistic.. Unfortunately Ghetto had made their move and were going to be ahead.. We tacked and they passed us.. It would be a sprint for the line..!! Both crews were tired but did the quickest sets of the day.. The two skinny hulls skipped and bumped their way down hill.. PB tried to get up on Ghetto but they were clear enough to have their nose breathing freely.. The pressure gybe came with PB trying to gybe inside but it was too little too late and Ghetto got a well-deserved second win for the day..

Awesome conditions and awesome racing, the season has really started and boy has it exceeded expectations..!! The ride back to the beach was awesome too.. Why would you sail anything else..?!?! There is nothing like a 12ft skiff kite ride..

We’re all looking forward to next week’s show down with another good breeze forecast (yes I’ve already looked it up..) and plenty of crazy skiff action..!!

Until then.. SEND IT,DON’T BEND IT..!!



2013-09-07 results



QLD Opening Day 2013-08-31


Spring has sprung, and the QLD 12’s made the most of it..!! Open day for the Brisbane fleet was spectacular..!! Hot temps, hot breeze and hot racing..!!! With months of playful winter banter behind us, it was time to see who the main contenders were for this season.. With new boats, new crews, old boat birthdays and the return of Brendo and Joel, the 2013/14 season was always shaping up to be an epic battle, but nobody would have predicted such a tight battle on day one..!!!

We rocked up to the club with nothing less than pure excitement.. The forecast was for 10-15kts then 15-20kts in the afternoon.. Oh did I mention it was 30 degrees..?? Who said sailing in August would be too cold..!!  We all went 2nd rig except Brendan and Joel who put in big.. Having said that, they were on the back foot from the start by losing their c’board in the off season.. They needed to try something to catch back up..!!

We headed out to the start with a gorgeous 12kts from the North.. It was obviously the start of the season for other clubs because the bay was packed..!! It was like being on Sydney Harbour on Australia Day..!! Well not quite, but it was busy and we had to dodge a yacht here and there…

With  four 12’s and three 18’s on the start line the lads were pumped..!! It should have been five 12’s but Brendan had to go to work to find his c’board..

The flags went up and it was game on.. We were all there but you could tell our distance time skills were somewhat rusty, with Terry being the only one to nail the start.. PB were on the chase with Ghetto and Tank girl close behind.. Tank girl and PB tacked first with Ghetto and Squiddy heading a bit further left.. It paid, and when we got to the top mark Ghetto and Squid both did the sneaky tack on the top mark to take the two top placings.. It was all very close though and you could throw a blanket over all four of us..!! Ghetto did a cracker of a set and took off.. Squid and PB were locked at the horns in a do or die battle for second.. PB had the inside lane and took them on the corner.. Tank girl also managed to push their way past and at the drop it was Ghetto Sled, PB, Tank Girl and Squid.. With an unfortunate bullet mid drop PB stuck it up in to the breeze before they had rounded the mark .. This let Tank Girl and the slippery Squid through.. It wasn’t long before Squiddy and Tank Girl tacked off to attack Richo and the Ghetto boys covered.. This left the right hand side open for PB.. We hit the corner and the breeze had built.. We were inside out and loving every second of it..!! By the top it was still Ghetto then Tank girl with PB hot on their heels.. Squid were lacking height in the new pressure (which we later worked out was probably due to their rig tension being about half of what they wanted it to be..) and PB were able to capitalise.. The next run was pretty standard with no position changes.. Up the final work Tank girl once again attacked Ghetto and this time they forced the error.. Ghetto sled hit the piss on their tack and this allowed Tank girl to slide past to reach the top mark in 1st place.. PB weren’t quite able to pass them, but it was all very close..!! We rounded to top mark and sent it to the finish line.. It felt awesome to be blasting down the bay again.. There really is nothing quite like it..!! Tank Girl took the win (even if it was in Bradbury style) to clinch the inaugural Talk it up Cup..!! As we flopped around after the finish there were ear to ear grins all round..!! There were also some pretty bloody tired bodies very much looking forward to the second race..!! Brendo and Joel were on the water by now and with it blowing a solid 15kts, their big rig was looking pretty big..!!


We got underway for the second race with PB and Allwood sails hitting the line first.. Tank Girl had some pretty good height and at the first corner she was able to tack inside and on top of PB.. They were first around the top with PB squeezing out Ghetto for second.. PB did a good set and had gapped Ghetto by the “wingman” mark.. Squid put up the kite and blew out a terminal on their fancy carbon bobstay.. It was a disappointing exit for the boys but that’s 12 foot skiff racing for you.!! At the bottom it was Tank girl 1st, PB 2nd and Ghetto 3rd.. It became very obvious that match fitness was starting to play a big part in the race as no crew really attacked and it was a bit of a soldiers course.. We did an entire lap in that same order and it wasn’t until the last tack of the last windward that anything exciting happened.. PB tacked in some breeze and went in.. Richo and Benny cheered and called out GAME OVER as they passed us.. Karma’s a bitch and they didn’t lay the top mark.. They had to tack and during this pressure tack they boys put it in too.. We scooted past them again to take the second place..

It was all very exciting..!! Full congratulations go to Benny and Craig on Tank Girl.. They out sailed everyone and were the deserved winners..!! I’m sure there were some sore bodies on Sunday.. I know I was a bit stiff but it was totally worth it.. Every time I stood up I was reminded of the amazing day we’d just had.. On a person note, I was very happy with our performance on PB.. It was the first time John and I had sailed together on the boat and we were right up there throwing it at the boys. We have a lot to improve on, but hey.. We have the whole season ahead of us..!! I’m sure all the boats shook of a fair bit of rust and there will be less and less mistakes in the coming weeks.. GAME ON..!!

Post racing, the ramp was alive with chatter..!! It’s awesome to be back at the boat park and I can’t wait for next week..!! I’ve already checked out the long range forecast and I’m not going to lie.. It looks AMAZING.!!

Until then, SEND IT DON’T BEND IT..!!



Giddy Up

Boat Name Giddy Up
Skipper Paul O’Malley Jones
Crew Steve Tapsall
Club B18’SC
Seasons with current team 4
Hull Shape MK2
Best results 2015/16 QLD State Champion

10th, i14 Vic Championship(Sailing Giddy Up)

2003 Interdominon Champion

1996 & 2004 National Champion

2017 Interdominons Veterans Champion

Tank Girl

Boat Name Tank Girl
Skipper Ben Guymer
Crew Shaun Thompson
Club Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club
Seasons with current team 4
Hull Shape TG
Best results

The Wingman

Boat Name The Wingman
Skipper James Fleming
Crew John Andersen
Club Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club
Seasons with current team 3
Hull Shape MK2
Best results


Boat Name Squid
Skipper Terry Ellis
Crew Wayne Richter
Club Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club
Seasons with current team 10
Hull Shape Woof
Best results


Ghetto Sled

Boat Name Ghetto Sled
Skipper Richard Billett
Crew Ben Cross
Club Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club
Seasons with current team 5
Hull Shape  Matthews MK2
Sponsor  www.carbonchandlery.com.au
Best results 2018 Australian Champion

3rd 2017 Interdominons


Boat Name Skiffropes.com
Skipper Joel Aynscough
Crew Goura Whitehurst
Club Brisbane 18 Footers sailing club
Seasons with current team 2
Hull Shape MK1
Sponsor Skiffropes.com.au
Best results


Brisbane Water Championship

Race Results

Garde secured a comfortable win after several battles throughout the early part of the race.

There was some confusion as to the location of the top mark up the first work as the breeze continued to oscillate from East to North East.

Eventually all crews found it soon after the start, in a light big rig breeze.

All skiffs remained closely bunched in the early parts of the first work. Geotherm and Skoll looked to be creeping ahead till Geotherm nearly capsized backwards. They managed to stay upright, but in doing so took out Skoll. This let Garde sneak through to lead at the top mark, ahead of Skoll (who recovered from their tangle), D-unit and Panadol.

A slow and tangled spinnaker set on board Garde nearly caused a capsize and let Skoll and Panadol roll past, while Geotherm elected to sail high before setting the spinnaker. The move would pay off, allowing them to pass all but Skoll to be 2nd at the wing mark.

At the bottom mark, Skoll still led, but all were closely bunched. D-unit and Geotherm rounding 2nd and 3rd, and Garde just sneaking inside Panadol.

Geotherm had another near capsize backwards up the next work, allowing Garde to pass.

At the top mark, Skoll, D-unit and Garde opened up a nice lead on the pack, but the three skiffs remained close over the next lap of the race.

Garde passed D-unit early on in the 3rd work, and then Skoll in the latter parts to hold a slender leader around the top mark.

Skoll closed the gap right up at the wing mark, before Garde got away again, and then closed it again at the bottom mark.

D-unit had spinnaker issues on the way to the wing mark which allowed Geotherm to pass.

Garde covered Skoll the entire next work, and remained in front to the finish.

D-unit had a stellar last work to close the gap to Geotherm to within seconds at the final top mark, however Geotherm managed to hold them out to claim 3rd place by 3 seconds.

Panadol picked up 5th and with that won the handicap.