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Shu Styx Fabrications

Boat Name Shu Styx Fabrications
Skipper  Scott Hobson
Crew James Beck
Club Sydney Flying Squadron
Seasons with current team 2
Hull Shape Woof
Sponsor  Shu Styx Fabrications
Best results 2004 NSW Handicap Champion2018 Australian Handicap Champion

Port Jackson Championship Report

Sydney Flying Squadron.

Sunday 08.03.15 –

Forecast light wind, big-rig south-easterly swinging east. Rigging park sees more breeze than forecast, leaving all boats unsure of the rig. Eventually all go for the second-rig, betting the weather was not going to fade, except Maersk Lines who went big-rig, with the nerve to back their belief.

South east course, start off the zoo for a work to Point Piper, all away pretty well, Geotherm, Lincoln Crowne and Company and Skol going east, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses and Maersk Lines going South, all coming together close at the Point Piper Mark, Geotherm first, just ahead of Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses, Lincoln Crowne and Skol, with The Bird on the tail. A manly ferry carved the fleet, requiring Geotherm to have to drop their spinnaker and work up over the ferry, Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses flogging their spinnaker half-way to Manly, while Lincoln Crowne, Skol and The Bird slipped underneath.

This bunched everyone again at the Chowder Bay mark, Geotherm ahead slightly due to the height gained getting over the ferry.

Working out of Chowder to the Rose Bay mark, Geotherm went south, and the skipper fell out of the boat in a tack, having to swim after it, giving the fleet a breather, and putting Bigfoot Custom Trapeze Harnesses comfortably in the lead. Maersk Lines with their big-rig in the fresh conditions finally declared the day and went home.

Then it was Bigfoots turn, capsizing in the approach to the top-mark, allowing Skol to round first, then Bigfoot and Geotherm neck and neck, then The Bird.

This order down the run to Chowder Bay, Lincoln Crowne off the pace with a borrowed mainsail holding 5th place.

Skol lost the course on the next work, going too far to the Rose Bay mark, allowing Geotherm and Bigfoot to round the Shark Island mark ahead, on the run to Taylor Bay.

Geotherm worked well clear of the fleet on the final work to Shark Island, then The Bird, with Skol again getting in front of Bigfoot, for the run to Kurraba Point and the finish.

One final act to play, the James Craig making the spinnaker drop on the tight run over Cremorne difficult to judge. Skol took the 2 sail reach too high after the drop, allowing Bigfoot through to 3rd place, behind The Bird and Goetherm in first. 4th to Skol, then Lincoln Crowne.

Handicap went to The Bird.





Boat Name Stiff
Skipper Cameron McDonald
Crew Brendan Jenkins
Club Sydney Flying Squadron
Seasons with current team 1
Hull Shape Woof Mk2
Best results 2019 Cherub National Champion ‘Brendan’

2007 Interdominon Champion ‘Cameron’

Stay connected electrical

Boat Name Stay connected electrical
Skipper Jakub Ronowicz
Crew Craig Nicholson
Club Sydney Flying Squadron
Seasons with current team 6
Hull Shape Woof
Sponsor Stay connected electrical


Best results 2015 Interdominon Invitation Race

Maersk Line

Boat Name

Maersk Line
Skipper Adam Forbes
Crew Ben Gemmell
Club Sydney Flying Squadron
Seasons with current team 3
Hull Shape Woof MK2
Sponsor Maersk Line www.maerskline.com
Best results

2012 Interdominon Handicap Champion

2015 Interdominon underall Champion

2019 Port Jackson Champion

2020 Interdominon underall Champion